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CASEnotes No 55 - the political parties’ empty rhetoric; BBC love-affair with Grammar Schools and yet another teacher recruitment crisis.


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Seven priorities for Education

This year’s Conference and Annual General Meeting took place in Birmingham and was entitled “Reclaiming Education - priorities for the next government”.

It focused on how to take forward the seven priorities which we have developed with you over the past three years.

CASE popular Briefings have been updated and refreshed. They offer succinct guides to important current issues.

Perhaps it’s because “a grammar school in every town” appears to be UKIP’s sole education policy, but this seems to be a fashionable idea among those media-folk who struggle to pay private school fees and would like elite education at taxpayers’ expense. The evidence tell us that grammar schools do the great majority no good at all, and here are the facts in our latest briefing on Grammar Schools.

A Comprehensive Success Story. It seems to come as a surprise to many media-folk that the not-so “bog standard” comprehensive has been an overwhelming success but here is the evidence. It makes a compelling case against selection at age 11.

Faith Schools are often viewed as a hot-topic, fairly or unfairly. We give you a dispassionate view of their historic and present-day role.

Another story in the news is about Private Schools and their entitlement to “charitable” tax-relief.

Finally, we offer you our CASEnotes Special Edition on External Examinations which provides a succinct summary of this ever-changing landscape.