Who we are

Who we are

Post: 11 Wilderton Road, London N16 5QY

Website: www.campaignforstateeducation.org.uk

Email: contact@campaignforstateeducation.org.uk

Chair: Melian Mansfield

Vice Chair: Peter Thomson

Secretary: Keith Lichman

Treasurer: Paul Martin

Press Officer: Michael Pyke

Our Values

CASE believes that:

Support us

CASE is totally dependent upon contributions so, if you decide to join, it will make a difference. You can see whether you agree with our aims by checking here to see our statement of values.

Members receive our magazine CASEnotes, help and support with local campaigns and the opportunity to contribute to our work.

You can find an application form to join CASE here

Please print it out and return it to us either with a cheque or complete the standing order mandate section.

Press enquiries - phone: 07743 503920

Our rules

CASE is governed by its Constitution, which is here.

We work with

CASE is a member of the Reclaiming Education alliance.

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