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Our Values

CASE believes that:

  • The state should not pay for any form of selection either in the schools it directly finances or through the private schools that it treats as charities. State financed schools should not be allowed to be their own admission authorities and should not be competing with each other for students but collaborating to serve them.

  • We demand a re-establishment of local accountability of the school system through elected local authorities and elected stakeholder governance of schools.

  • We demand that all state schools be well-supported with resources, well-trained staff and through a new inspection system focused on providing critical support and encouragement.

  • We demand that high standards be set nationally by bodies capable of combining the interests of subject professionals and other stakeholders.

  • We reject the hierarchical division of skills into academic and vocational subjects and affirm that well-educated children need both mental and practical skills.

  • We affirm that only a commitment to a cultured, skilled and inclusive society offers a way out of the recession that faces us and that most of us did not cause.


Our Rules

CASE is governed by its Constitution, which can be found here.

We Work With

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