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CASE is continuing to put the arguments against schools becoming academies and has published three new briefings to support our case. Please feel free to download them.

Our annual joint conference on Saturday 12th November focused on the threat to comprehensive education posed by Theresa May’s plan for new grammar schools.

The speakers were Anne West (Director of Education Research at LSE), Melissa Benn (journalist and author), Roy Perry (Conservative Leader Hampshire County ­Council), Richy Thomson (Fair Admissions ­Campaign) and parent and Education campaigner Joanne Bartley.

Joanne’s compelling account of what selection at age 11 means for real families in Kent can be found in our new CASE briefing.

CASE members are currently busy in Lewisham, Greenwich, Barnet and Kingston campaigning for only the best - for all children.

In Kingston-upon-Thames, there is a scandalous waste of public money on an ill-planned free school. Further details here.

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